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Program Support

General FAQs

Is HeroBox a non-profit organization?

HeroBox is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. 100% of your donation is tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Our tax identification number is 26-3985630.

How did HeroBox start?

HeroBox evolved from a family's simple effort of supporting their hero.  Please visit our About Us page to learn about our story and meet our team.

Is HeroBox fiscally responsible and transparent?

We pride ourselves on being good stewards of your donation.  HeroBox has a Platinum seal of transparency from Guidstar which you can see here: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/26-3985630.  You can also review our financials here: http://herobox.org/about/financials

How do we get involved with HeroBox?

HeroBox is a social platform that connects people around the country to deployed service members in need.  There are two ways to get involved.  You can Sponsor a Hero or Sponsor a Unit.  Both programs give you the opportunity to directly support our heroes.  You can review FAQs about both efforts below.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

Click on the "Login" link in the menu at the top of this page. You will then see a link to retrieve your password.

Program Support

Sponsor a Hero FAQs

How do I sponsor a Hero?

To sponsor a hero, simply register on our website and verify your email.  Once you have set up your account, click "Sponsor a Hero" and follow the prompts.  Our system will give you the next deployed service member in line.  Heroes are listed in our database based on their need, so you are connecting with the hero who needs your support the most.  By sponsoring a hero, you are committing to send one HeroBox a month per the length of time you request.  Whether you sign up for one month or their entire deployment, you will make a meaningful impact on their life.  You can watch a short video on this process here: https://youtu.be/Ha07X9VRYn4

Can I select a Hero?

No. We have developed a "next in line" system where deployed service members are listed in our database based on need.  You will be paired with the hero who needs your support the most.  

Can I choose my commitment length?

Yes.  When you sponsor a hero, you are committing to send one HeroBox a month. You can sign up for one month or for their entire deployment.  Because our heroes are listed in our system based on their need, you may be paired with a hero who has less time left in their deployment than you requested.  Once you finish your commitment to that hero, you can always register for another hero.  If your hero still has time left on their deployment when your commitment expires, the system will prompt you to continue sponsoring your hero.  You can choose to continue or not.

Can I sponsor more than one hero?

Yes, you can sponsor up to 10 service member simultaneously.  If you or your group wishes to ship more than 10 HeroBoxes, we recommend Sponsoring a Unit.

When are HeroBoxes due to ship?

HeroBoxes are due to ship two weeks after you register.  Please confirm your shipment after every HeroBox you send because it impacts how the heroes are listed in our database.  If you don't confirm shipment in your account by the due date, your commitment will expire.

How do I pack and ship my HeroBox?

Everything you need is available for free at your local USPS or USPS.com.  You will need a box, an address label and a customs form.  To learn more about the process, please review the support document at the bottom of the Sponsor a Hero page.

How do I know what my hero wants?

Click on your hero's name inside your account. It will show you their profile including requested items. If they don't have any requested items, you can send the most commonly requested items which can be found at the bottom of the Sponsor a Hero page.

What if I can't contact my hero?

We highly recommend you contact your hero before shipping a HeroBox because their address may have changed. If you have not heard from your hero within 15 days of registering, you can let your commitment expire and sponsor another hero.

What do I send if my hero hasn't requested anything?

If your hero has not requested anything, you can send some of the most commonly requested items found at the bottom of the Sponsor a Hero page.

What if my hero requests an expensive item?

You should expect to pay between $25-$40 to pack and ship a HeroBox. You are welcome to spend more but do not feel obligated to purchase expensive items.

What if my hero requests an odd item?

You are not obligated to send anything. You should only send items that you are comfortable sending.

Where am I sending the HeroBoxes?

You are sending the HeroBoxes directly to your Hero, not to the HeroBox office.

How do I know if my hero received the HeroBox?

The best way to confirm delivery is to communicate with your hero.

Program Support

Sponsor a Unit FAQs

How do I Sponsor a Unit?

Sponsoring a Unit is for groups that want to send 10 or more HeroBoxes to a deployed unit.  Typically this is an activity where your group gets together on a specific day to pack and ship HeroBoxes.  This is a great event for team building, corporate retreats and other group activities.  HeroBox will connect your group with a unit sized to fit your request.  We will also walk you through the entire process and can help with printing postage, procuring supplies, box pickup and everything else needed to host a successful event. To get started, simply sign up for an account by clicking the Register button on the top or bottom of our website. After you have registered and verified your email, login to your account and select Sponsor > Sponsor a Unit.

Is there a minimum number of boxes we must ship?

10.  If you want to ship less than 10 HeroBoxes, we recommend sponsoring a hero or heroes.

What is the timeline for Sponsoring a Unit?

We can work with any timeline.  Typically, groups will reach out to us 30 days before their event.  HeroBox can play any role you want, from managing your entire event to simply providing you with the materials.  HeroBox will assign your unit approximately two weeks prior to your event.  We can do it in less time, but we don't like to assign units more than two weeks prior to the event.  All items, supplies, boxes and postage should be secured a week before the event.  We can help you with any or all of this.

How do we know what our unit wants?

When we connect you with a unit, you will see their profile which includes requested items.  You can also communicate with the unit leader to confirm.  You can send those items and/or select from our list of commonly requested items found on the Sponsor a Unit page.

How do we label each HeroBox?

You don't! We've made it easy for you. We print all the labels at our office and ship them to you. Simple peel and stick on each box. If you're sending more than 50 with our branded HeroBoxes, we'll handle the labeling on our end.

Where do we get boxes for the event?

If you're shipping 50 or more and can wrap them on a pallet, we'll send you our branded boxes, there is an 8lb weight limit.  Otherwise, you'll use USPS medium flat rate boxes which can be found at your local post office or at www.usps.com.