Sponsor a Unit

Sponsor a Unit

Sponsor a Unit

This program is for groups that want to pack and ship 10 or more HeroBoxes to a unit of deployed service members. This is a great opportunity for team building, corporate retreats and other group activities. We will connect you with a deployed unit in our system and walk you through the entire process.


Want to learn more? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions

The Process

  • 1 Learn

    Please read the FAQs above AND the HeroDay document below before sponsoring a unit. This will help you understand the process and timeline. You can also contact us with any questions.

  • 2 Register

    Download the App or click Register above to sign up for a HeroBox account. After registering you will receive a verification email. Please verify your email and login to your account.

  • 3 Sponsor

    Once you have logged into your account, click Sponsor > Sponsor a Unit and follow the instructions. After you have completed the process, our team will contact you to discuss next steps and expectations.

Program Support

Documents & Resources

Sponsor a Hero (MyHero Program)

This document will walk you through the process of sponsoring a hero. Download

Sponsor a Unit (HeroDay Program)

This document will walk you through the timeline and checklist for sponsoring a unit. Download

HeroBox Stickers

You can decorate USPS boxes with our logo. Print and tape or use Avery labels 8164. Download

Commonly requested Items List

If your Hero or Unit has not requested anything, you can choose from this list.  Download