Sponsor a Unit

Sponsor a Unit

Sponsor a Unit

This program is for groups that want to pack and ship 10 or more HeroBoxes to a unit of deployed service members. This is a great opportunity for team building, corporate retreats and other group activities. We will connect you with a deployed unit in our system and walk you through the entire process.


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The Process

  • 1 Learn

    Please read the FAQs above AND the HeroDay document below before sponsoring a unit. This will help you understand the process and timeline. You can also contact us with any questions.

  • 2 Register

    Download the App or click Register above to sign up for a HeroBox account. After registering you will receive a verification email. Please verify your email and login to your account.

  • 3 Sponsor

    Once you have logged into your account, click Sponsor > Sponsor a Unit and follow the instructions. After you have completed the process, our team will contact you to discuss next steps and expectations.

Program Support

Documents & Resources

Sponsor a Hero (MyHero Program)

This document will walk you through the process of sponsoring a hero. Download

Sponsor a Unit (HeroDay Program)

This document will walk you through the timeline and checklist for sponsoring a unit. Download

HeroBox Stickers

You can decorate USPS boxes with our logo. Print and tape or use Avery labels 8164. Download

Commonly requested Items List

If your Hero or Unit has not requested anything, you can choose from this list.  Download

Sponsor a Unit

Fequently Asked Questions

Program Support

Sponsor a Unit FAQs

How do I Sponsor a Unit?

Sponsoring a Unit is for groups that want to send 10 or more HeroBoxes to a deployed unit.  Typically this is an activity where your group gets together on a specific day to pack and ship HeroBoxes.  This is a great event for team building, corporate retreats and other group activities.  HeroBox will connect your group with a unit sized to fit your request.  We will also walk you through the entire process and can help with printing postage, procuring supplies, box pickup and everything else needed to host a successful event. To get started, simply sign up for an account by clicking the Register button on the top or bottom of our website. After you have registered and verified your email, login to your account and select Sponsor > Sponsor a Unit.

Is there a minimum number of boxes we must ship?

10.  If you want to ship less than 10 HeroBoxes, we recommend sponsoring a hero or heroes.

How do we know what our unit wants?

When we connect you with a unit, you will see their profile which includes requested items.  You can also communicate with the unit leader to confirm.  You can send those items and/or select from our list of commonly requested items found on the Sponsor a Unit page.

How do we label each HeroBox?

You don't! We've made it easy for you. We print all the labels at our office and ship them to you. Simple peel and stick on each box. If you're sending more than 50 with our branded HeroBoxes, we'll handle the labeling on our end.

Where do we get boxes for the event?

If you're shipping 50 or more and can wrap them on a pallet, we'll send you our branded boxes, there is an 8lb weight limit.  Otherwise, you'll use USPS medium flat rate boxes which can be found at your local post office or at www.usps.com.

What is the timeline for Sponsoring a Unit?

We can work with any timeline.  Typically, groups will reach out to us 30 days before their event.  HeroBox can play any role you want, from managing your entire event to simply providing you with the materials.  HeroBox will assign your unit approximately two weeks prior to your event.  We can do it in less time, but we don't like to assign units more than two weeks prior to the event.  All items, supplies, boxes and postage should be secured a week before the event.  We can help you with any or all of this.