167 Deployed Heroes Awaiting HeroBoxes
30 Units w/ 2,638 Members Awaiting HeroDays

From our family to yours.

From our family to yours.

From our family to yours.

HeroBox Family,
By now, we are sure everyone is aware of and has been affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in some way or another. We hope you are all staying safe and complying with CDC prevention rules in the fight to end the spread of COVID-19. 

It is extremely important for us to stay connected with all of our users during this time. Whether you’re a sponsor or a Hero, you are a part of what makes HeroBox successful in our mission to provide our troops with physical and morale support. If you have any questions about sending or receiving your HeroBoxes during this confusing time, please contact lyric@herobox.org. We are always here to help.

For families at home, do not forget that kids love sending HeroBoxes! If you’re looking for homeschool activities, pack a HeroBox to show the importance of giving back and supporting others during difficult times. For our brave Heroes away from home, we are rooting for you, and the HeroBox Team is readily available for any support needed during this time.

To stay connected and updated about HeroBox, be sure to follow us on social media. The HeroBox Team wishes safety, health and strength to you, our HeroBox family. Thank you all for your overwhelming support.

In Freedom,
Lyric Sabin
Program Manager