158 Deployed Heroes Awaiting HeroBoxes
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HeroBox COVID-19 Update

HeroBox COVID-19 Update

HeroBox COVID-19 Update


During this difficult time, we know there are many questions.Amidst the unknowns, we are recommending that you connect with your Hero through the app, as circumstances make it difficult to pack and ship boxes at this time.

In the same token, this season of social distancing is a great time to get connected with a Hero, write letters, draw pictures, make shopping lists and get your kids involved in supporting a deployed service member. While you're gathered with your families, engage in supporting HeroBox in creative ways.

As an organization, we are still focusing all of our efforts on how we can better serve our armed forces during this time and getting people involved to do so. Our hope is that as the virus dies off and we get back to regular life, more service members would be sponsored than before this started. If you have ideas on how to better get involved or serve those who are serving our country, reach out and let us know. 

As we work through this season the best that we can, feel free to reach out with any concern you may have. Stay healthy!