Service Members

Service Members

This page is for deployed service members who would like to receive a monthly HeroBox from an individual or family in our database. Unit leaders may also register to receive occasional bulk shipments from a group or organization.

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The Process

  • 1 Register your account.

    Click the Register Now button at the bottom of this page.

  • 2 Verify your account.

    Check your email after registering to verify your account.

  • 3 Update your account.

    Please keep your account info current for your sponsors.

Program Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

Once you have registered and verified your email account, you are in our database waiting to be paired with a sponsor. The average time to be paired with an individual sponsor is 15 days. The average time to be paired with a unit sponsor is 60 days.

How do I register my Unit?

Check the "Unit Leader" checkbox during registration. This will make your unit eligible to receive occasional bulk shipments of HeroBoxes from unit sponsors. Please only check this box if you are a Unit Leader. As a Unit Leader, you will also be eligible for an individual sponsor. We highly recommend that your unit members register individually as well. We have many more individual sponsors than unit sponsors.

What is a sponsor?

An individual sponsor is an individual or family who has agreed to send you one HeroBox a month per the length of time they have specified. A unit sponsor is a group or organization that has agreed to host a one-time event where they will pack and ship multiple HeroBoxes to your unit.

Can a sponsor pick me?

No. We have developed a "next in line" system where you are listed in our database according to the date you registered and the total number of HeroBoxes received. Sponsors can't choose, they are given the next service member or unit leader in line.

What is in a HeroBox?

Our main goal is to provide you with the items you have requested in your profile. It is important to keep your profile updated. Please also know that sponsors can't always provide everything you have requested.